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29.10.2007 | 19:10:30

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31.10.2007 | 23:50:46
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Приятная новость для шреддероманов!

(Deep) Shredder 11 and Shredder Classic 3 out now

Shredder 11, Deep Shredder 11 and Shredder Classic 3 for Windows, Macintosh and Linux are now available on For the first time all latest Shredder versions are available simultaneously for all major operating systems. There have been many improvements and additions in the engine and the user interface in all versions. Please check out the feature list to see what is new in each version.

Note that we offer a special upgrade discount from the predecessor versions for all new products.
Shredder 11 Windows Documentation
Shredder 11 Windows Features
Shredder Classic 3 Demo Download
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13.05.2008 | 23:01:46

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Shredder Mobile

Price: EUR 24.95

Shredder Mobile is the version of the most successful chess program for your mobile phone. You can play against Shredder Mobile, solve chess puzzles, directly access our online endgame and opening databases and play against or analyse with Shredder 11 on our fast servers.

Shredder Mobile runs on most mobile phones. Find out here if Shredder Mobile runs on your phone and how to install it.


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